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November 8, 2012
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_____ stood there, staring at the men that were in front of her. One had an odd color of strawberry blond hair with green eyes and a pair of…really fuzzy eyebrows. The other was a bit taller and stockier with black hair and bright blue eyes. Rather good-looking -she'll give them that, but something was different about them.  

At first she thought: 'Okay, so there are random hot guys in my house that are dressed up weird? ' or 'Did Elizabeta send random male strippers to my house again!?'

But either wasn't the case…..apparently.

____ frowned slightly as a slowly walked back into the kitchen counter.

"Okay, who are you and why are you here?" She asked trying to sound like she was braver then she was at that moment. She crossed her arms over her chest watching them exchange glances in silence. ______ huffed.

"You've got two minutes to explain." She groaned starting to believe that these two were a joke. The shorter one with the shaggy hair stepped forward clearing his throat.

"Sorry about that love.." he started.

Oh god. British accent… She thought, biting on her lower lip.

A smirk played on his ivory lips as he walked towards ___ lifting her hand in his.

"My name is Arthur Kirkland." he chuckled kissing the top of it before looking back at her -and she could've sworn that his eyes sparkled with some intention that made her shiver. She furrowed her eyebrows slightly as he returned to his standing state -the black-haired one walked up shoving Arthur out of the way with just the nudge of his elbow.

"And I'm Alfred Jones, babe!" he laughed with a cocky smile. She rolled her eyes. 'I see… so he's THAT type…' she thought. He sort of reminded her of her friend Mathias.

She stared at them both. In a way, she was skeptical. I mean, HELLOOOOO! There aren't such things as demons….are they? Of course not!

She cleared my throat before glancing back and forth at the two.

"Soo, uh, did you guys get lost on your way to a costume party or something?"

The two stared at _____ before breaking into chuckles and laughter.

"Heavens no, dear!" the British one laughed. ____ rolled her eyes, personally not finding this amusing at all.  Tapping her foot furiously, She broke their laughter with a question.

"What's with the wings and tails then?"

The two stopped and exchanged glances. She could've sworn they were communicating telepathically.

'Dude! What do we do?! I mean, I know we were sent here for her and to take her with us back home and all, but boss said not to blow it!' Alfred sent his telepathic message to the elder. Arthur sighed.

I know you moron, but right now we can't deal with that. We'll have to tell her and continue with the…"plan" as thought out. Besides. This is your fault' Arthur replied giving Alfred a smug look.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN MY FAULT?!" Alfred yelled out causing the two to jump. The girl stared at him with wide eyes just fusing with confusion. Alfred cleared his throat suddenly hearing a sharp chuckle from his partner.

'Good show, chap.'

'Shut the fuck up…'

'Oh well, what should we do?'

' I dunno. What can we do?'

'I could explain how you went through her panty drawer--'


Arthur chuckled, this time a bit louder as he looked over at Alfred -who's face was now red with anger and embarrassment.

"Okay, listen you guys. I don't know what the hell you are and why you're here, but get out! Your two minutes are up!"

The two looked over at ____ who was now absolutely fuming. Needless to say she was worn thin by the waiting and her impatient tendencies.

Alfred smirked as he looked over at her delicate figure soon having his conscience remind him of why he came to the human world. He pushed up his silver lined glasses up the brim of his nose as his smirk became more wild and hinting of lust.

~'Subdue the girl and bring her here.'~

The orders from their boss echoed in their heads as if something snapped in their minds.

"Afraid we can't do that, babe~" he chuckled. ____ frowned more into confusion as her body started forming goose bumps. The smirk played on that mans lips send shivers all up and down her spine. Upon her incoherent racing thoughts, her gaze moved from one man to the other -now having them both share that sinister look.

"W-Why?" She managed to croak out. The two looked at each other before looking back at her. They walked up in front of her, each grabbing her hand and tugging her between them.

"Because love…" Arthur chuckled leaning down and licking the shell of her ear -Alfred soon followed and nuzzled his nose in her warm neck.

                                   "….we're taking you with us…"

                                                                            "…to the world of sin."
It's funny.
When ever I think of the Sweet Devil thing...

...I imagin England and America on strip poles and ready to fuck shit up.

....Scanty and Kneesock reference anyone? ;P

Anywho. This is to make up for Halloween. Also, this was an idea that was helped created by a friend of mine.

I'll post the lemon part if you want. I'm still contemplating on it since theres this whole hubub disscussion on having Lemons banned or some shit...



Hetalia - Himaruya Hidekaz

Picture - Tumblr Blogger

Story Line - me

You - me....jk. . . . . ;3
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